The 9 Key Factors to Cloud Chasing

Battery Safety – Use the safest possible batteries possible e.g. – Sony VTC4, VTC5, etc.
Airflow – The lower the resistance, the more is needed. Too much can thin out your vapor clouds.
Juice – The higher the VG content, the thicker your vapor clouds will be.
Mod – The right mod is important for powering these extremely low-resistance coil-builds..
Atomizer – For competitive Cloud Chasing, an RDA is a must such as a Plume Veil or Tugboat.
Body Posture/Inhale/Exhale Technique – Takes months to perfect, just like any “smoke trick”.
Wicking – Very important factor in allowing the juice and air to flow to your coils.
Build – Different builds will affect vapor production, the lower the resistance, the bigger the cloud.
Genetics – Some people with more lung capacity are able to inhale more vapor without coughing.

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